Ruthenium RU600 imaging probes

RU600™ probes are a class of SLT's Ruthenium complex (Ru(bpy)3) dyes that feature bright fluorescence, large stoke shift, high photostability, long fluorescent lifetime and low cytotoxicity. Ru(dpy)3 dyes emit strong red fluorescent light around 600 nm upon excited by UV light.  It is an excellent dye that can be used for stimulated emission depletion (STED) imaging (Aisling Byrne, et al Chem. Sci., 2016, 7, 6551). Ru(bpy)3 dye is one of the most commonly used dyes in electrochemiluminescent (ECL) analysis because of its unique electrochemical and ECL properties of Ruthenium bpy3 complex. It's long fluorescent lifetime property makes it a useful probe in fluorescent polarization or fluorescent lifetime assays

Over the past few years, SLT has developed a series of Ru(bpy)3 based ruthenium RU600™ probes. These probes have been tailored to work well with various biomolecules, such as proteins, enzymes, antibodies, peptides, carbohydrates and nucleic acids. SLT offers various reactive RU600™ probes that can be used for biomolecule labeling. These probes have various functionalities that can be used for general or site-specific molecular tagging. We also offers many RU600™ conjugates that can be used directly in fluorescent or ECL imaging. 

Product Features:

  • Large stoke's shift, nearly 150 nm stoke's shift of our RU600 ruthenium probes compared to 15-20 nm stoke shift for conventional fluorescent dyes.
  • Long lifetime, 400-800 nanoseconds of our RU600 ruthenium probes compared to 10 nanoseconds of lifetime for conventional fluorescent dyes.
  • High photostability
  • Low cytotoxicity
  • Easy to use. Our RU600 ruthenium probes are water soluble and can be directly used for bioassays without need add any organic solvents. 

​Ru600 probe applications:

  • Confocal fluorescent imaging;
  • Two-photon fluorescent imaing;
  • STED imaging;
  • ECL (electrochmiluminescent) assays;
  • Fluorescent polarization assays;
  • Time-gated or time-dependent assays;

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