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RU600-NHS is one of SLT's reactive Ruthenium (Ru(bpy)3) labeling reagents that can react with primary amine groups derived from  lysine residues or N-terminus of proteins, antibodies or peptides. RU600-NHS has a reactive succinimidyl ester that reacts with primary amines at alkaline pH (8-10) very quickly and efficiently.

Product Features:

  • Large stoke's shift, nearly 150 nm, compared to 15-20 nm of conventional fluorophores.
  • Long lifetime, 400-800 ns compared to 10 ns of conventional fluorophores. 
  • High photostability.
  • Water soluble.
  • Fast reaction.
  • Low cytotoxicity.

Product Specifications:

  • Appearance: Maroon solid.
  • Ex/Em wavelength: ~458 nm/620 nm.
  • Reactive group: Succinimidyl ester (NHS).
  • Reactive to: Primary amines.

Storage Conditions:

  • Store at -20 0C. Protect from light. 
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