Avidin fluorescein

Avidin fluorescein
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Avidin fluorescein (FITC-avidin) is one of SLT's fluorescent avidin conjugates that can be used to detect biotinylated targets with high sensitivity. Avidin is a glycosylated protein with high binding affinity toward biotin. Avidin biotin system has been used widely for molecule detection, bioassay development and many other applications. FITC labeled avidin is a bright green fluorescent protein conjugate with ex/em wavelength at 494 nm/515 nm.

Product specification:

  • Appearance:      Yellow/orange color;
  • Form:                  Lyophilized powder or aqueous solution;
  • Ex/Em:                494 nm/515 nm;
  • Detecting target:  Biotin;


  • Store at 4-8 0C. Protect from light.
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