About Us

Sunlights Tech Inc. was founded in 2001 in the USA by a group of scientists with strong academic backgrounds in chemistry, biology, and nanotechnology.  During the last decade, Sunlights Tech has developed into a global material supplier with its customers in over 50+ countries. With its central R&D and production facilities in Boston, Sunlights Tech has also established its offices in New York, Shanghai, and Singapore.

Since its inception, Sunlights Tech has evolved into a leading global enterprise in life science research. Over the past 10 years, we have served our clients in several areas:

  • Pharmaceutical companies for drug development, formulation, and pre-clinical trials;
  • University, industry, and government research laboratories;
  • Biomedical device and diagnostic companies.

Sunlights Tech's products include functionalized biopolymers, nanoparticles, labeled proteins, antibodies, enzymes, peptides, and nucleotides. We also provide rich arrays of reactive molecules for fluorescence labeling, pegylation, biotinylation, and bioconjugation.

With our strong team in chemistry and biology, Sunlights Tech also provides our customers with services in chemical synthesis, biomolecule labeling and conjugation, and assay development.

We set the highest quality standards for all our products and services.  For any technical questions, Sunlights Tech offers direct communication with our scientists to help our clients.